Stussy Active

Stussy active-wear is designed to be worn during your workout. Our fit team have closely reviewed all features, paying particular attention to the qualities our customers are seeking in exercise-specific garments. It is important that garments are fitted enough to not impede on your person, but loose enough that the wearer has freedom of movement without restriction.

Styles in this category are made from high quality fabrics- including high-shine 4-way stretch lycra, birdseye mesh and water-resistant nylon. All styles are wear-tested to ensure the cut is comfortable and the construction durable; to ensure all styles are able to withstand considerable wear-and-tear during your continued use.

A premium trims package sets active-wear apart from our mainline Stussy, making these garments easily identifiable. Specialty zippers and quality elastics compliment the technical fabrications and ensure the garments’ longevity.